Executive Search

The Dorn Group pairs your property needs, specialties and culture with the perfect candidate. We pay attention to the details and idiosyncrasies that make your property special.

Hospitality Consulting

With the ever-changing global scene, where does your property fit in? What are your plans for today, tomorrow, and the future? We help evaluate, develop, and provide implementation plans for who you are today and where you want to be as your property evolves.

Strategic Planning

What is the plan, the philosophy and growth potential of your business? Does a plan exist? Does it reflect the future of the property in an ever changing world? Do you know what your future needs are?

The Dorn Group, Ltd. is a full-service hospitality consulting firm, focusing on providing strategic planning, operational management, and executive search services for hotels, restaurants, private clubs, and the entire hospitality industry. Our practical and profit-oriented approach across a broad range of hospitality services includes executive search, strategic planning, evaluation, plan development, and implementation.

Helping companies navigate from now to tomorrow and beyond. Set your brand apart with unique marketing communications and brand identity executions. Maximize the potential of your brand, your image, your property. The Dorn Group’s long-term planning capitalizes on what makes a company unique, expanding profitability and growth. 

Let The Dorn Group help your hospitality company thrive. Through exceptional services, we can help you capitalize on your identity in an ever-changing world.

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Executive Search

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