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Throughout the hospitality industry, many firms offer executive search services. The obvious question then, why ours? Regardless if you are an employer trying to fill a position or a candidate looking for the next great opportunity, we pay attention. We pay attention to what you need, your requirements are and what the idiosyncrasies which make your property special. Each opportunity is not for each candidate.

Our Candidates

Candidates placed by The Dorn Group, Ltd. often have backgrounds outside the traditional spectrum. A chef candidate for a hotel may have a significant restaurant or Private Club experience. A candidate for a Private Club General Manager’s position may have a significant amount of hotel experience. For example, if you want a restaurant GM who will drive customer service, who would be better than a candidate trained by Danny Meyer and the Union Square Hospitality Group or by Four Seasons Hotels?

Senior Management Placement

The Dorn Group specializes in the placement of senior managers in the Private Club, restaurant, and hotel businesses. Recent placements have included General Managers, Assistant General Managers, Executive Chefs, Sous Chefs, and Controllers.

In looking for candidates, we bring many years of operational background to your search. We know what a GM does from experience. We understand what an Executive Chef brings to today’s kitchen. Our searches seek to find candidates with vision and long term goals.

Recently we received a resume from a candidate who told us in his cover letter, “I am the perfect candidate because I have worked in 5 clubs.” The candidate was applying for a Chef’s position in a well known traditional club. What the candidate did not know was what we were looking for. What we wanted was a candidate who had stability, a long track record, and a path of growth.  We did not want a candidate with only Club experience. In the past 10 years, he had worked for 5 properties and shown little growth. They were similar-sized properties and as recruiters, we worry about why he moved so often.


So if you want to find the one special candidate and want a firm who brings a proven track record, we are the firm. To discuss your confidential situation, please call Charles D. Dorn, CCM at (914) 921-3150 or via email at hospitality@thedorngroup.com.

If you are a candidate who wishes to be considered for a future opportunity, please send us a resume, a well-written cover letter, and the reasons you are looking for a change. Emails only to hospitality@thedorngroup.com. Alternatively, upload your resume online through our online form by selecting “Executive Search” in the “Contact” box and following the prompt. 

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