Hospitality Consulting

In this rapidly changing environment, hospitality properties are struggling with the changing global scene. Where does your property fit in? We help find the answers you are looking for.

The Dorn Group Can:

  • Review Food and Beverage operations to evaluate, quality, consistency, service, and financial situation.
  • Design new programs and methods to enhance revenues and cut costs while improving the guest experience.
  • Provide governance consulting for your Board to include structural reviews, Board Retreats, and re-positioning of the Board.
  • Bring new “Customer Service” standards to your property and train staff to implement them.
  • Develop new thinking with regard to Membership development, programming, and Member retention.
  • Implement a “Forward Thinking” philosophy. Create a program to train staff to think globally.
  • Evaluate property positioning. What unique attributes do your offer and market to your clientele? Is your brand right for today’s world?
  • Provide detailed comparisons for your property to competition and develop strategies to implement necessary changes.


The Dorn Group brings more than 40 years of hospitality experience to your project. We specialize in developing a unique team of professionals to work on each project. Staff members are selected based on the specific needs of the project and chosen from all segments of the industry. For more information, please contact us.

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